Terms of Use

1.1 "User" means the individual who registers a user account and gains access to the Services provided by talentprocess.com 

1.2 "Services" means the web services, associated software, and other services related thereto provided to the User by talentprocess.com in accordance with this agreement and with the characteristics and features as described at talentprocess.com from time to time.

1.3 "Trial Service" means a Service, provided free of charge, which is under development or evaluation and is marked 'trial', 'demo', 'free' or 'evaluation' (or a similar designation).

1.4 "Content" means all visual, written or audible data, information or material including, without limitation: documents, spreadsheets, text messages, form entries, web pages, and similar material, which are uploaded to, transferred through, publicly posted, processed or entered into the Services by the User.

1.5 "Web Site" means talentprocess.com's web site at talentprocess.com