Talent Process

We automate and optimize your recruitment process.

Find great talent now!

We help you improve your productivity levels.

Find great talent now!

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With TalentProcess recruiting can be successful, easy and accurate. Fine just what you need.

Mobile YES YES
Multiuser platform YES YES
Databases YES YES
Dashboard YES YES
Job posting YES YES
Storage 15GB 60GB
Searches Library   YES
Personalized communication system   YES
Job description library   YES
Recruitment & Selection process   YES
Filters   YES
Shared calendar   YES
Interview guide   YES
Reference check validation tool   YES
Job offer calculator   YES
Reports   YES
Social recruiting   YES
LinkedIn   YES
Links to job boards   YES
Links to universities   YES
Additional training $ $
Executive search outsourcing $ $
In-plant recruiter $ $
Uploading CV's $ $
Developing job descriptions   $
Connecting to other systems $ $
Customizing existing tools $ $
Developing new tools and functions $ $
Best practices seminaries $ $